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Proposals requested for natural resource consultant

OBJECTIVE: To find an NRC (Natural Resource Consultant) who will provide consulting services for Cal4Wheel regarding current issues involving California lands available for OHV through research and analysis of pending city, county, state, and government agency action, including but not limited to National Forests and BLM properties. The prospective NRC shall advise the Association of OHV/land use issues and provide recommendations regarding where resources should be expended. The successful contractor must be able to effectively communicate with government agencies and other OHV organizations to promote the Association’s land use positions.


Written proposals should be submitted to the attention of the President of CA4WDA at 8120 36th Avenue., Sacramento, CA 95824


Questions and requests for additional information should be submitted in writing to the President of the Association at 8120 36th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95824 or by e-mail to This includes, but is not limited to, agreements on positions for land use issues.


  • Qualifications to execute contract.
  • Experience history, give examples of past accomplishments.
  • Specify subjects usually covered in reports.
  • Fees and payment schedule to execute contract.
  • Specific services to be performed under the proposal, as a minimum address the points included in this document
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