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Resurrecting the Wall of Honor

We recently resurrected the brick program that was originated in the early 2000’s. It was developed to assist the association’s building fund. Here are some FAQ’s and the answers.

What is the Building Fund Brick Program?

It is still a capital fundraising campaign – it is aimed at the building and continued improvements. As an example: a computer tower for the ZOOM meetings. That is one way to control the costs for travel to the Sacramento office for meetings. Also, it is a way to help offset the losses from COVID -19 and the cancellation of our other fund-raising events.

Who can participate in the Brick Program?

Any individual, club or business can donate to the program. This has not changed from the inception of this program.

How can I participate in the Brick Program?

There are several ways to purchase your tile:

How much can I donate?

You can donate as much as you want for a beautiful permanent tile displayed at the Sacramento office (the minimum is $250).

Will I receive anything for my donation?

Yes you will; a beautiful 8x8 black with white font tile that will be on permanent display at the Sacramento office. You can also purchase as many additional ‘keepsake’ tiles as you want. Those keepsake tiles are 4”x4” and will have the same message as the larger version displayed at the Sacramento office for you, family, friends, co-workers, club members.

What does the brick or plaque look like?

The new tile is an 8”x8” black tile with white font and an option for a clip art graphic, and the keepsake tile available is a 4”x4” granite tile with the same inscription as the larger one displayed at the office.

When will my brick and/or plaque be displayed?

When your total donation to the program is paid-in-full, the tile will be ordered and placed on the Wall of Honor.


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