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Win-A-Jeep arrives at its new home

Michael Thornburg was our winner of our raffle vehicle for last year, built by JEP Autoworks. It took some time and effort coordinating the transportation of this rig so that it could be shipped all the way across the United States. This rig has gone from the West Coast to the East Coast. Who would have thought someone in North Carolina would have been the lucky winner?

I want to thank Mr. Thornburg for his support for the association, even if it was with a ticket or two for our yearly raffle drawing. From what he told me, he found our website online, and has purchased a few tickets in the past as well, and look what the payoff was. That’s right! A brand new 2020 Jeep, built by JEP Autoworks in Hemet California. CONGRATULATIONS to Michael.

I spoke to him today on my way home and he is so STOKED to finally get his hands on the vehicle. Who wouldn’t be? I will stay in contact with him and I hope to get some photos of him on a trail back east somewhere. Maybe someday, he will drive across country and I will guide him on the Rubicon or any trail of his choice in California.

Even with all the setbacks last year due to COVID, I want to thank all our sponsors who donated the parts along with the clubs and individuals who pitched in. I can’t say enough about JEP Autoworks and the work his shop put into making this rig spectacular. I want to also thank all the people who volunteered to haul this jeep across several states and to many locations, including along the highway and countless hours at a booth. Even those who took photos and videos, we couldn’t have done it without all the help. I can’t say thank you enough!


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